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The Will Group

The Will Group

The Will Group is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries that offer a selection of different talents, skills, and experiences. We also take great pride in employing individuals from some of Chicago’s most underserved and socially disadvantaged communities.  
Wheaton, Illinois, United States Wheaton, Illinois, United States

Company Information

The Will Group began in 1986 when founder, Stephen L. Davis, had a vision of a business that would honor the legacy of his father and promote the core values of integrity, pride and hard work that his father, William “Will” Edward Davis emulated. Will understood the importance of hard work, and that by empowering people with jobs, communities would begin to thrive. From modest beginnings, this dynamic business environment began by supplying light fixtures and ancillary electrical products in the Chicagoland area. Today, The Will Group has grown, evolved and expanded into a shared services company.

Operating under the philosophy and mission “Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way”, the corporate culture of The Will Group fosters ingenuity and creativity with every endeavor. Our competitive distinction is our ability to be an all-encompassing resource for lighting, infrastructure, electrical, manufacturing, and sourcing needs. By directing the industry to our clients, we make positive contributions our bottom line industry's needs and bottom line. This process is not just transactional, its transformational.

The Will Group now proudly supports separate, yet distinct industry clients including:

  • A manufacturer's representative specializing in state-of-the-art infrastructure solutions including everything from EV charging stations, to lighting structures and bridges.

  • A lighting, construction management, energy efficiency, field services, strategic sourcing, staging and final assembly company.

  • A contract manufacturing company that supports everything from smart LED light fixtures, capacitor banks, MRO warehousing, staging, assembly, electrical distribution, and more.

  • A GIS software technology company that offers provides Ground Truth on Every Asset through mobile field teams and various forms of infrastructure data collection technology

As a company, our top priority is to have our clients build strategic partnerships and provide jobs to local residents. We believe that creating jobs with good pay, benefits, and safe working conditions is key to growing the global middle class. By creating jobs, we are creating social capital in neighborhoods that need it the most. With our commitment, we can begin to see our communities change, creating an ecosystem we can be proud of.

Our commitment to excellence through diversity and inclusion is evident through our of various cultures, backgrounds, thoughts, and experiences coming together every day to win.

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